Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome Banner

I made this banner for the monthly Cricut Circle Challenge.  I will use it at school for Spring Open House next week.  This banner was a big challenge for me because I wanted all the backgrounds the same but didn't have 7 matching pieces of paper.  I solved my problem by buying a roll of wrapping paper and cutting my squares from it.  To add stability to the project I cut the same square shape from cereal boxes then glued the wrapping paper top the cereal boxes. I used pop-dots to under the circles and the letters.  I cut my letters from dark red cardstock then covered the entire letter with a thick layer of glitter glue.  The letter shadow is cut from dark blue.  I used my xryon machine to apply an even layer of adhesive to attach the letter base to its shadow.  I used dark blue ribbon to string the letters together.  I taped the ribbon to the back of each letter so my banner will hang nicely.  I am very pleased with the results of this challenge

Cartridges used and sizes
Ashlyn's Alphabet:  base letters and shadow 5"
All Mixed Up:  Square tag (rotated -45 degrees) 8"
Basic Cake:  Circle  (top row ninth icon) 7"

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