Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I found this wooden tray near the toy section of my local thrift store.  The tray had a few magnetic dress-up bear pieces in it.  The thrift store clerk gave em the tray because there were so many missing pieces.  In fact they were throwing it away!!
  • I painted the tray a reddish pink color using paint pens and glued various scraps paper from my stash into the try spaces. 
  •  I used Home Accents for the love sentiment, Gypsy Wanderings with shadows for the hearts.  I cut the swans using Splish Splash. 
  • I cut one of the swans regularly and flipped the other swan using my gypsy.  I folded a piece of cardstock to form a box to "pop" the love sentiment from the frame. 
  • I added a sticker to the heart on the top right and hung it from the top of the tray using fishing line.  The heart at the top center are white and red foamies.  I poured clear melted UTEE into an old bottled cap then sprinkled some melted red embossing powder top of the clear. 
  •  The large heart at the center left is from gypsy wandering cut with matching shadow. 
  •  The figure at the bottom left is from my dd's Lego set.
  • I added jewels using my I-Rock to the bottom pattern-paper strip. 
I think this is one of my favorite projects!!