Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Contest Entry


Project Directions:

Turkey (makes 1 double sided turkey)

My Community cartridge

1. Cut one basic turkey shape from heavyweight light tan cardstock using My Community cartridge. Set image size to 10”, speed to low, pressure to medium, multi-cut to 2 or 3 (depending on the thickness of your cardstock). This cut will form the base for the turkey.

2. Cut one basic turkey shape from light brown cardstock. Set image size to 10”, speed to low pressure to medium and multi-cut to 2. Flip the light brown cardstock and cut the second basic turkey shape from the light brown cardstock following the same machine settings.

3. Glue one light brown basic turkey shape to the light tan heavy-weight turkey shape front to back. Glue the second light brown basic turkey shape to the other side of the heavy-weight turkey. This makes a turkey with 2 front sides – no one wants to look at the back side of a turkey during Thanksgiving Dinner.

4. To form the turkey feathers cut (turkey cut with layers button lit) burgundy, dark green, tan, dark orange, red and orange cardstock. Set image to 10”, speed to slow, pressure to medium and multi-cut to 2. Set aside the dark orange and tan pieces. Cut the feather pieces apart. This will result in a stack of multi-colored feather. Using the long pieces alternate feather colors in a visually pleasing manner, matching the feather size to the tan turkey basic shape. Be sure to place feathers on both sides of the turkey. The short feather tips (the dark orange and tan that were set aside) are formed using the same procedure, cut the feathers tips apart, match sizes and glue to tan turkey. I left some of the small feather tips light brown. Be sure to place feather tips on both sides of the turkey.

5. Cut two more layer pieces from dark brown (to be used for turkey neck). Follow settings as above. (If you have the Gypsy you can use the contour feature to block the feather pieces)

6. Cut two yellow triangles for the beak.

7. Attach a brad for the eye then glue the neck and beak to the turkey body.

8. The assembled turkey is attached to a circular piece of foam that was covered in scrapbook paper from my stash.

Napkins rings (makes 1 napkin ring)

Gypsy Wanderings cartridge

Cut one piece of burgundy cardstock 6” by 1 1/2”. Cut pumpkin shadow from green cardstock. Set image size to 2” speed to low pressure to medium and multi-cut to 2. Cut pumpkin base from orange cardstock. Set image to size to 2” speed to low, pressure to medium and multi-cut to 2.

Overlap short ends of burgundy cardstock to form a circle then glue. Glue orange pumpkin base to green shadow, when dry place pumpkin over the overlapped burgundy ring to cover raw edges.

Place cards (makes 1 place card)

My World and Stretch Your Imagination cartridges

I used the Gypsy to weld the pilgrim/Indian couple and the card foundation to form the top card image. The card front is 2” wide and 5” high; cut is the foundation cut from Stretch Your Imagination. The place card back was cut from Stretch Your Imagination (foundation cut with the card feature lit) image size 5.40” wide and 2.25 high” on dark orange cardstock. The pilgrim/Indian couples (from My World) were cut at 1.38” wide and 1.75” high. I cut the Indian couple from dark tan cardstock and the pilgrim couple was cut from light cream cardstock.

Wine Charms (makes 2 charms)

3 Birds on Parade

I used my Gypsy to weld bird base, bird base shift and layer 1 (cuts are row 1 image 1 and row 3 image 1. Trade the cricut blade for a green marker then ”cut” the birds. Wait an hour or so for the marker to dry then cut around the bird shapes. Leave about a quarter inch extra space around the bird outlines to make them a little sturdier. Color each of the birds with your favorite colored pencils and follow your favorite method to shrink the birds. Use memory wire, glass beads and jump rings to make the charms. Matching the birds’ wings with the beads is a fun touch!

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