Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dance Treat Jar

It has been a long time since I posted.  Teaching really takes time away from my blogging and scrapbooking.  I made this treat jar for my daughters' dance teacher.  She gives the girls M&Ms after class.  The jar is a large animal cracker container.  I spray painted it ballet slipper pink. I adjusted the sizes on the dancers to create the illusion of different aged dancers.  I also adjusted the height and width to create dancers with more realistic bodies.  So ladies that means you will need to turn off the "golden" link ratio button on your gypsy. 
Ballet icon cut real-dial 5.10 x 2.53.
Dancer cut real-dial 1.90 x 2.99 with the shift on..
I love dance icon cut real-dial 5.53 by 1.97.
Dancer cut real-dial 2.61 x 3.55 with the shift on.

Jazz icon is cut at real-dial on 5.29 x 3.00. The dancer is cut real-dial on 3.06 x 3.22.
The tap icon is cut real-dial on 4.35 x 3.13.  The dancer is cut real-dial on 1.66 x 3.50.



  1. What a wonderful gift -- it turned out so pretty!!

  2. How thoughtful! I really love how they turned out!